High Performance Storage System

Incremental Scalability
Based on storage needs and deployment schedules, HPSS scales incrementally by adding computer, network and storage resources. A single HPSS namespace can scale from petabytes of data to exabytes of data, from millions of files to billions of files, and from a few file-creates per second to thousands of file-creates per second.
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Value of Tape

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) are an economical storage technology for high-capacity, lower-latency, random access to individual files and objects. NAND or solid-state disks (SSD) are economical storage technologies for high-bandwidth, high-IOPS, and low-latency storage requirements. Several TCO studies exist from various sources, but all agree, tape remains the most economical long-term higher-latency storage media and tape should remain the leader for years to come.

"Continuing the Search for the Right Mix of Long-Term Storage Infrastructure – A TCO Analysis of Disk and Tape Solutions”; David Reine and Mike Kahn; Report #TCG201; July 15, 2015. http://www.clipper.com/research/TCG2015006.pdf

“Particulate Magnetic Tape for Data Storage and Future Technologies”; Masahito Oyanagi; Report #TCG201; October 16, 2017. https://conference-indico.kek.jp/indico/event/28/session/18/contribution/5/material/slides/0.pdf

In recent years, SSD slowed to 20% annual decreases in $/GB and in 2017 no decrease in $/GB because of the supply-demand imbalance. HDD slowed from regular 40% decreases in $/GB to 20% annual decreases in $/GB after a supply-chain problem in 2011. Tape saw 25% annual decreases in $/GB until 2014, where the annual decreases slowed to 10% in $/GB. This simply means the cost of storage is not dropping as fast as the data growth rate sighted in this RFI.

“A Ten Year (2008 to 2017) Storage Landscape of LTO Tape Media, HDD, and NAND”; by R. Fontana and G. Decad; May 15, 2018. http://storageconference.us/2018/Presentations/Fontana.pdf<\a>

An IBM study comparing options for long term storage suggests that the uncompressed tape storage costs are about $16/TB, WAN distributed HDD storage costs about $200/TB, and cold public cloud storage options ranges between $130/TB and $250/TB at almost all scales from 10 PB to 100 PB to 1 EB.

“Big Data Storage Alternatives, Comparing Options for Long Term Storage”; by R. Fleenor; January 19, 2018. This report has not been published and can be provided upon request.

Future Capacity of tape

In 2017, IBM research and Sony Corporation demonstrated tape technology allowing for cartridge capacity to reach 330 terabytes. Thus, one expects IBM to sustain the current enterprise and LTO roadmaps that it continues to promote.

"Sony Develops Magnetic Tape Storage Technology with the Industry’s Highest Recording Areal Density of 201 Gb/in2"; Sony Corporation; August 08, 2017; https://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/201708/17-070E/index.html

Mark Lantz holding tape
Mark Lantz holding cartridge
IBM's Mark Lantz holding one square inch of Sony’s new super-dense magnetic tape.
Today, cartridges max-out at 15 TB native, future cartridges will hold hundreds of terabytes.

Tape Drive Vendors

In 2017, IBM became the sole tape drive manufacturer of LTO and enterprise tape technologies. HPSS software supports both LTO and enterprise tape, including the newest IBM LTO drives, the newest IBM enterprise drives, and the last generation of Oracle enterprise drives.

Tape Media Vendors

There are two tape cartridge manufacturers. Sony is the only authorized manufacturer of LTO tape. Likewise, Fuji is the only authorized manufacturer of IBM enterprise tape.

Modern Serpentine Tape

Modern tape drives write data to tape on consecutive wraps, in opposite directions, from one end of the media to the other, over-and-over until all of the wraps in each data band are filled with data.

Serpentine tape illustration

Cartridge Technology Bands Wraps per Band Total Passes
TS1150 (illustrated)440160

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What's New?
HPSS 7.5.3 Release - HPSS 7.5.3 was released in December 2018 and introduces many new and exciting improvements.

HPSS Training - IBM Houston is looking at hosting an HPSS System Administration Course May/June of 2019. Are you interested in attending? Learn more.

IBM TS1160 - On November 20, 2018 IBM announced the new enterprise tape technology supporting 20 TB of native capacity and 400 MB/s of native bandwidth. Learn more.

Best of Breed for Tape - HPSS 7.5.2 and 7.5.3 improvements raise HPSS tape library efficiency to 99% on both IBM and Spectra Logic tape libraries.

Explosive data growth - HPSS Collaboration leadership from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) helped author the "NERSC Storage 2020" report, and NERSC trusts HPSS to meet their immediate and long term data storage challenges.

HPSS Vendor Partnership Grows - HPSS begins Quantum Scalar i6000 tape library testing in 2018. Other HPSS tape vendor partners include IBM, Oracle, and Spectra Logic.

Swift On HPSS - Leverage OpenStack Swift to provide an object interface to data in HPSS. Directories of files and containers of objects can be accessed and shared across ALL interfaces with this OpenStack Swift Object Server implementation - Contact Us for more information, or Download Now.

Capacity Leader - ECMWF (European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) has a single HPSS namespace with 385 PB spanning 356 million files.

File-Count Leader - LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) has a single HPSS namespace with 46 PB spanning 1.208 billion files.

RAIT - Oak Ridge National Laboratory cut redundant tape cost-estimates by 75% with 4+P HPSS RAIT (tape stripe with rotating parity) and enjoy large file tape transfers beyond 1 GB/s.
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