HPSS Collaboration

The Ultimate Solution for Your Expanding Universe of Data


HPSS storage software meets the most challenging long term scalable storage requirements. HPSS features reduce the total cost of ownership of data, maximize transfer performance of all file sizes, lower tape cartridge costs, maximize storage utilization, efficiently manage data integrity, and minimize failure recovery time.

There are well known value propositions for the different types of storage. Solid state disks are the best storage option when bandwidth and I/O per second are the driving requirements. When files are needed immediately and capacity is the driving requirement, power-hungry hard disk drives may be the best option. Tape is the most economical storage for infrequently accessed data at scale, and is often called “zero-watt storage”. Many storage and cloud providers offer different levels of storage, at different price points. Learn how HPSS helps with the long-term stewardship of data at scale.

Enabling Growth and Performance


Based on storage needs and deployment schedules, HPSS scales incrementally by adding computer, network and storage resources. A single HPSS namespace can scale from petabytes to exabytes of data, from millions to billions of files, and from a few file-creates per second to thousands per second.


HPSS offers high availability and long-term data protection. Db2 allows for fast failure recovery while autonomous transactions ensure metadata integrity. Software file checksum validation and logical block protection ensure data accuracy while HPSS RAIT offers low-cost data redundancy.


HPSS maximizes performance of hardware for long term storage. A single scalable namespace simplifies management and maximizes the sharing of resources. Moving large files in parallel and collocating related files improves transfer rates. Organizing the order of reads and writes reduces access latencies. Policies and automation allows for transparency.


HPSS is delivered and supported as an IBM service offering. IBM delivers a detailed solution architecture, verification of solution components, installation and configuration of HPSS software, and test results to show production readiness. The annual support fee for 20 petabytes or 2 exabytes is the same.

Who developed HPSS?

HPSS is the result of over three decades of collaboration among five Department of Energy laboratories and IBM, with significant contributions by universities and other laboratories worldwide.

Best of breed for tape!

HPSS is considered best of breed for tape because of our efficient use of tape hardware and media. Tape hardware and media efficiency translates to fewer tape drives to meet requirements, faster transfers, and happier users.

Not licensed by capacity!

HPSS is delivered and supported as an IBM service offering, so 2 PB or 200 PB disk and tape tiers are licensed the same. This keeps the annual support fee for HPSS relatively flat from year-to-year as your hardware footprint grows.


  • HPSS @ MSST 2024

    May 2024

    The 38th International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology will be in Santa Clara, California in May of 2024 Please contact us if you would like to meet with the IBM business and technical leaders of HPSS at Santa Clara University.

  • 2024 HUF

    September 9th-September 12th, 2024
    Location: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Campus North

    The 2024 HPSS User Forum (HUF) will be an in-person event scheduled September 9th through September 12th, 2023, in Karlsruhe, Germany. This will be a great opportunity to present your site report, hear from other HPSS sites, talk with HPSS collaboration developers, testers, support folks and the HPSS leadership (from IBM and DOE Labs). Please contact us if you are not a customer but would like to attend!


To an Exabyte and beyond!

On March 14th, 2024, ECMWF reported, “We hit one exabyte stored in a single HPSS namespace”. They added, “Between spring of 2010 and today, we have grown at 47% annually on average; a 53 times magnitude increase…. It is great to know that HPSS has scaled for us from just under 19PB back then to 1EB today!” Cheers to the HPSS team at ECMWF for being the first HPSS deployment to pass this milestone!

HPSS 10.3 Release

HPSS 10.3 was released on September 30th, 2023 and introduces seven new features and numerous minor updates.

Best of Breed for Tape Feature – Library efficiency

HPSS 7.5.2 and 7.5.3 improvements raise HPSS tape library efficiency to 99% on both IBM and Spectra Logic tape libraries.

HPSS 10.2 Release

HPSS 10.2 was released on February 16th, 2023 and introduces six new features and numerous minor updates.


The two fastest supercomputers on the planet (Top500) use HPSS software to meet their long-term storage requirements!