About HPSS

The Result of Over Three Decades of Collaboration

Who developed HPSS?

HPSS is the result of over three decades of collaboration among five Department of Energy laboratories and IBM, with significant contributions by universities and other laboratories worldwide.

Who is using HPSS?

To see a list of the publically disclosed HPSS deployments, click on the link above to view HPSS statistics and the HPSS World Map.

HPSS Big Picture

An overview of the supported RHEL platform, metadata storage, disk cache and tape technologies, and HPSS interfaces.

HPSS is best of breed for tape!

HPSS is considered best of breed for tape because of our efficient use of tape hardware and media. HPSS increases hardware and media efficiency by maximizing tape transfer performance, reducing wasted movement of tape media and tape robotics, cutting the cost of redundant tape, and protecting against silent data corruption on tape.

Space manage and protect Spectrum Scale (GPFS) from disaster with HPSS

Not only is HPSS a highly scalable standalone file repository, a single HPSS may also provide disaster recovery and space management services for one or more Spectrum Scale file systems – this allows all tape libraries and tape drives to be shared.

HPSS Service Offering from IBM

A description of the HPSS services and software offered by IBM.

Minimizing downtime caused by hardware failures

Details of the high availability option for HPSS.

HPSS brochures and presentations

HPSS brochures and presentations that provide overview material on various topics.

HPSS RAIT Technology

Details about using RAIT technology with HPSS striped tape with parity for redundancy.

HPSS Releases

Details about the HPSS releases back to HPSS 7.5.2.