Linux Platforms

Hardware Vendor Neutral

The HPSS Collaboration agrees that the HPSS software shall remain hardware vendor neutral. HPSS Core Server, HPSS Mover, and client software runs on Linux platform, and supports x86-64 and PPC-64 L.E. servers. Customers run HPSS software on Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and other popular enterprise class rack mounted servers.

B.E. = Best Effort Support

  • HPSS Support will accept calls for HSI-HTAR software on RHEL variants such as Rocky Linux.
  • HPSS Support will not require that the issue be reproduced on a supported platform (e.g. RHEL) before beginning problem determination.
  • HPSS Support will be unable to address the call report if it becomes apparent that the issue is due to a defect in the underlying distribution. Problem resolution should then be pursued by the customer within the open source community or distribution provider.

Detailed HPSS Client Interface Compatibility Matrix

Find more details on each user interface on the “User Interfaces” tab.

  1. HPSSFS Fuse servers available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit kernels.
  2. HSI gateway available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit kernels. HSI and HTAR clients run on a number of platforms
  3. HPSS User Interface Client support for operating systems not listed in the table above may be provided by special services. See HPSS Offerings for offering details, and Contact Us.
  4. The PIO API requires the Client API.