The following is an overview of the new feature that can be found in HPSS 8.3.0.

New to HPSS 8.3.0

Support Single Stripe Tape Only File Hash (CR 421)

This enhancement provides HPSS support for file hashing when the top-level of the hierarchy is a single stripe tape. There are no metadata or configuration changes. Update the COS configuration for the tape-only COS and restart the core server to enable checksum validations. File hashing here only works with top-level tape in a fairly strict set of circumstances:

  • The top-level tape must not be striped nor RAIT.
  • The file must be written contiguously with no backseeks or intermediate, non-zero truncations.
  • After the file has been written and the file hash has been generated, any further modification to the file will invalidate the prior file hash (e.g. the file hash will be removed from the system). The file hash cannot be updated to reflect later modifications to the file.
  • If it is desired to fully overwrite a file and generate a new checksum, the original file should either be deleted or truncated to 0.