Fifteen new HPSS Client API based tools

HPSS standalone API tools are available in $HPSS_ROOT/bin. They are named [hpss] and support the following common HPSS functions:

  • cat
  • chmod
  • chown
  • cp
  • getvol
  • getxattrs
  • ln
  • ls
  • mkdir
  • purgek
  • rm
  • rmdir
  • setcos
  • stat
  • touch

Support Auto Change COS of files during migration

With this feature, HPSS administrators will be able to enable an Automatic Change Class of Service (COS) operation on a per-COS basis. When this new COS flag is turned on, upon disk migration, files within this COS that fall outside the Minimum File Size and Maximum File Size will have their COS changed to a target COS that has the appropriate file size range. Some use cases:

  • Site has files that come into their default COS without a file size (e.g. users running non-HPSS ftp client on their desktop).
  • Site is using a COS for an HPSSFS Fuse mount point, Enforce Maximum File Size is off, and the file sizes are not within a consistent range.

The Migration/Purge Server will initiate the change in COS which will be performed by the Core Server as a background task. COS’s with the Force Selection flag on will not be considered for the target COS. If multiple COS’s meet the criteria, then the Migration/Purge Server will select the first COS that meets the criteria; if no COS meets the criteria, then the file will remain in the current COS and be migrated according to the current COS’s hierarchy. If the Core Server’s Specific Configuration COS Copy to disk flag is not on and there is a tape level in the target COS’s hierarchy, then the Core Server will not automatically copy the file to the disk level and will instead copy to the tape level. To take advantage of migration policies for the file’s new COS’s hierarchy (like tape aggregation), it is recommended that you turn COS Copy to disk on.

File-Family Merge Tool to remove files and tapes from a file family

Moves all files and media belonging to one file family to another file family, and removes the original file family.

DB Partition Manager for Rumbler History Tables

This feature provides a database utility that can be used to manage the database partitions for the Rumbler History tables. This utility will add and delete partitions for the Rumbler History Tables, allowing access to a certain amount of historical data.

Client API for aborting I/O

This feature allows I/O to be aborted by client applications. The following commands are available for admin use via scrub:

  • abortreq
  • abortuser

Set accountID through FTP

The following new PFTP client commands are provided:

  • account – change account of this session to account id
  • site getacct – display the account associated with this session
  • site getacct – display the account associated with the given file
  • site setacct – set the account associated with the given file to account id

Add support for buffered tape marks

HPSS supports buffered tape marks for all supported tape and PVR types. Refer to the ‘Storage Class’ section of the HPSS Management Guide for more information on buffered tape marks.