Improved Spectra Logic Terapacks support

HPSS groups tape moves belonging to the same Spectra Logic Terapack for improved mount and dismount performance.

Spectra Logic TAOS support

HPSS now supports the Spectra Logic Time-based Access Order System (TAOS) to improve the file-to-file seek time when recalling multiple files from an LTO tape cartridge. Details of the improved recall performance are found at the bottom of page 11 – up to a 4 times decrease in overall time needed to retrieve all of the files compared to random ordered recalls.

Increased the maximum individual disk size limit

The HPSS maximum individual disk size limit has been increased from 256 TB to 1 EiB.

Improved adler32 hash performance

HPSS is now compiled with zlib to support hardware acceleration for improved adler32 hash performance.

Support LTO-9

HPSS supports LTO-9 drives and media. The RAO (recommended access order) feature that is available on LTO-9 is also supported by HPSS.

Support for very large log messages

HPSS can potentially generate very large messages that can be truncated. Splitting log messages into multiple smaller messages prevents truncation. Split messages are logged with a “chunk number” so they can be stitched back together using the hpss_log_formatter tool.

Improved automatic small file tape aggregation performance

A tape drive’s native transfer rate can only be achieved when the tape drive is performing IO for 15 seconds or more. A 250 MB/s tape drive must do 4 GB of IO to achieve this native transfer rate. HPSS automatic small file aggregation is now based on the amount of data written to tape. Before HPSS 9.2 automatic small file aggregation was based on the number of files put into the aggregate, and that was capped at 1,000 files. The HPSS maximum number of small files that are automatically put into a tape aggregate has been increased from 1,000 files to 50,000 files. To further improve automatic small file aggregation performance, HPSS has improved end-of-media (EOM) handling when writing small file tape aggregates. A further benefit of this improved EOM handling is an increase in tape cartridge space utilization.

Improved small file tape aggregate support with HPSS repack tool

HPSS repack tool also had the same 1,000 file limit before HPSS 9.2. Similar small file tape aggregation improvements (as stated above) were made to the HPSS repack tool.

User Defined Attributes (UDA) support via PFTP

PFTP now supports getting and setting UDAs.